Data Science As a Service

With the arrival of the era of Big Data has almost overnight turned what was already a challenging task into a nearly impossible task. Everyone in the company understands the importance of information technology and they all believe that the IT department can solve all data related problems.

The buzz around Big Data or Data science as a service with an emerging and potentially disruptive technology is only growing and enterprises are as usually wondering how to make sense of all the hype surrounding it. The large heap of data that can be generated every day is giving rise to the Big Data and a proper analysis of this data is getting the necessity for every organization. Hadoop serves as a savoir for Big Data Analytics and assists the organizations to manage the data effectively. The process of gathering, regulating and analyzing the huge amount of data is called the Big Data Analytics. Under this process, different patterns and other helpful information are derived that helps the enterprises in identifying the factors that boost up the profits.

The breaking down of data into small chunks helps many businesses to a high extent and helps in the transformation and achieving growth. The analysis also helps the researchers to analyze the human behaviour and the trend of responses toward particular activity, decoding innumerable human DNA combinations, predict the terrorists plan for any attack by studying the previous trends, and studying the different genes that are responsible for specific diseases. Hence, this analytics software is helping the organizations, to grow their business by boosting the sales, revenues turnovers, the marketing end results, reducing risks or improvising customer handling experience. An efficient analyst is of great importance to the organizations and learning all about its concepts can be done through a formal training of Hadoop, which is a widely chosen software, around the globe.

Why your Business needs Data Science as a Service?

Data science as a service operates irrespective of any field or size of the business, as management and collection are done in every field. Thus, making it more accessible. Let’s get an insight into the reasons that validate the importance of Big Data into businesses.

Data is an Asset to the Business:

Every business generates the data, be it small or large. All the activities generate data and a proper strategy is needed to store this data. The amount of data can be huge or less, but a proper strategy can help the business to manage it the right way by collecting, using, and protecting it. This indicates that the companies that believed Big Data is not meant for them will now be able to use it and understand its importance.

Collecting better market and Customer Data:

Customer and market trends are the few important factors for the business to be kept in mind in order to gain success. Every company manages data to understand the moods of their customer that tend to change with time. Hence, Big Data analytics can be useful in getting a better understanding of the needs of customers, their usage demands, and what would they be buying future.

Improvement of Internal Operation and Efficiency:

Businesses also have to focus on the data of their employees that includes, optimization of services of delivered, tracking the performance, and even the recruitment of suitable candidates; all can be done with the help of Big Data. This can help the businesses to let them improve the internal efficiency in varied departments.

Effective Financial Trading:

Financial Transactions are also an important factor for the companies, as it leads to an economic growth of the organization. Financial trading between the companies and clients can be handled well with the help of Big Data analytics, as it handles the algorithms required for the account related purposes.

Understanding Business Processes:

The optimization of business processes can now be done more easily. Retailers can maximize their stock based on the data predictions given by social media. Supply chain and delivery route can now be optimized with the help of this technique. The HR department of the organizations is also getting benefited like while hiring the right talent. It also measures the amount of employee engagement with its tools.

Hence, Big Data Analysis is not confined to certain counted fields, but enlarging its horizon of services and quantifying itself to a larger scale. If used properly, it can affect the businesses to an unexpected extent and give more and more growth opportunities.

Our Application Areas:

In this new age of technology, Big data is not a choice anymore, it is becoming mandatory for almost many companies. With digital content rising rapidly, many businesses are using Big Data tools to stay up to date with the new technology. We at CAT Technology Inc are standing above over all the prospectives by offering a wide range of services that can be of great help for you to transform your business into something amazing. We serve the clients across various platforms like

  • Financial Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise
  • Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • IOT
  • Restaurants
  • Energy

Why Choose CAT Technology Inc?

Data Science as a Service by CAT Technology Inc is a convenient and cost-effective way to complement your analytics projects with a proven, well-rounded team of resources without distracting from your focus areas or changing the way you do business. Being an analytics leader with years of data analysis experience, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services, including advanced analytics services for various verticals.

We accomplish this by either augmenting a part of a project or by tackling an entire project from start to finish. We are taking the pride by offering the successful and accomplishing not only the technical objectives with analytics effort but also delivering the targeted business outcomes by providing a multi-dimensional skill set including business analysts and subject matter experts, in addition to experienced data scientists. Our team of data analysts has years of experience in deploying the operationalizing and supporting analytics in live business environments.

Business Benefits With Us:

  • Cost savings when a large amount of data is to be stored
  • Less time to analyze new sources of data
  • New product development according to the client requirement
  • Analyzing and understanding the current market conditions
  • Monitor and enhance the online presence of your businesses
  • Advanced and leverage customer support
  • Deploying intelligent insights for your business
  • Innovative strategies that help to explore new market opportunities
  • Transforms your business data into actions
  • Enhanced opportunities and drive maximum growth
  • Helps to gain the sustainable competitive knowledge

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