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Delphi is an object-oriented programming language with an integrated app development environment. Despite being known to be the variant of Object Pascal language, Delphi is preferred as the best development alternative over Visual Basic.It helps to produce any kind of Windows application without any hassle by including Service and Console applications, IIS extensions, etc. As an IDE, it runs on windows but the compiler executes on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux and it uses the third party add-ins to compile with JavaScript when it’s for web development.

As the technology evolution grew drastically, over 1.7 million developers worldwide are now looking to choose the best tools for their apps and even today, Delphi is considered as the most preferred language/IDE to write, compile, package and deploy cross-platform native applications by developers.All the applications built with Delphi programming will lightning fast, compact, provide rich UI’s by connecting virtually to any database or data source out-of-the-box.

Delphi Development Services at CAT Technology Inc

CAT Technology Inc dreams about success that’s bound to be the output of hard work and dedication put together. Sustaining as the Top Delphi Development Company, we at CAT technology provide a wide range of app development services in Delphi Application Development.

Here is list of services that we are offering to our potential clients through our highly qualified and well experienced Developers team…

  • Delphi Application Development (Borland Delphi 7 to Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 Rio)
  • Database Application Development (Microsoft SQL Server, Paradox, Interbase, MySQL, NexusDB, Oracle, Pervasive)
  • Cross-Platform Application (Android, IOS, Windows, Linux)
  • Web development services Delphi’s using visual (RAD) framework (DLLs, HTML5, CSS etc)
  • Cloud Services (AWS, Azure)
  • Enterprise Application Development (CRM, ERP etc)
  • Component Development (FTP, GUI, FAX, SNMP etc)
  • Application re-engineering & Migration
  • Application Support & Maintenance

Thus, to make the best use of the platform you’ll need the best developers/service providers with deep knowledge and expertise in Delphi development.

Why choose CAT Technology for Delphi Development Services

CAT Technology Inc team developers are here to inspire yours with our creative works.As a renowned & reliable Delphi Application Development service provider, we have a responsive team of developers, who worked on various projects ranging from small to big businesses.

Our dedicated Delphi Maintenance team is well-vouched with the quality of work and commitment towards the business growth of our customers.We have effective knowledge of the used Dev. Express, Indy, ODAC, SDAC and other components in Delphi development.

As Delphi is known to be the most popular Rapid Application Development tool that adds flexibility and speed to application development, we are here to help you migrate the old legacy Delphi application to the latest Delphi version by using the newer support and modernize the UI with new fire monkey UI library.

We’ll help you by providing a cost effective and time beneficial Delphi programming service over wide range of verticals by leveraging the existing as well as advanced features of Delphi.

The New features in RAD Studio Rio 10.3.2 include

  • Added assets for Delphi macOS 64-bit
  • Update in C++17 for Windows 64-bit
  • C++ LSP Code Insight Improvements
  • RAD Server Wizards and Deployment Improvements
  • Enhanced Firebase Android Support
  • Leveraged Delphi Linux Client Application Support

The Enhancements made in Rio 10.3.2 worked out in

  • Leveraging Runtime Library Performance
  • Improving VCL Quality
  • iOS better Full Screen mode on iOS including visible status bar
  • C++17 Quality Enhancements
  • A number of quality IDE improvements
  • Featuring added features for FireMonkey
  • FireDAC & Database expected improvements
  • Added assets for properties of Web Clients

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