Quick and improved releases are the need of the hour in today’s software development landscape. This calls for the immediate identification, correction, and updating of software products. The DevOps model brings the development and operations teams together, in order to improve the speed and quality of the products delivered to customers.

DevOps is now capturing the market share of enterprises, which need to ensure the quality products reaching the end user before the competitor does. At this stage, it is important to understand what hinders the project team from delivering the product in time. For this, enterprises need concerted efforts to manage team and resources with the help of agile tools.

Enterprises don’t want to compromise on seizing the market opportunities. For that, an approach is required where communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and IT operations teams effectuate wonders in project management. In order to thrive the enterprise field, a DevOps approach is essential for a swifter and secure way to work cohesively and release the product. Small and medium enterprises that are aspiring for growth and want to be in growth mode can consider DevOps approach for agility and efficiency.

Our Agile practices:

Agile development practices at CAT Technology Inc can help development teams to generate quality builds faster. But this does not mean that operations team can keep the pace with the development team as they may find it difficult to catch up in the absence of the right tools. Often what happens in IT teams is, operations team pitted against the development team, working in silos resulting in the slow progress of product delivery. To be specific, operations teams want to avoid the risks that come with changes made to applications and infrastructure like breaching SLAs, system downtime, and outages. This makes them view new software releases with concern. As a result, delays in new software releases to the market.

Our Way of Approach in DevOps:

We at CAT Technology Inc ensure faster product delivery dev and ops team need to focus on collaboration, automation, and monitoring, involving the key stakeholders’ business, apps, and ops.  Our technical team can improve their agility is by going for an “inspect and adapt” approach using tools that provide end-to-end visibility. With this, they can track application development, QA, and production from a central hub.

Coupled with this we can monitor how applications, configurations, and environments view changes and respond to it appropriately. With the help of customized templates, teams can ensure continuous integration and delivery.

Our DevOps Services:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Monitoring
  • Log Management
  • Load Balancing

Open source tools used by our DevOps developers:

In each of the stages development, various tools are used for automation. For example, a tool like Box up provides a unified interface to the developers to manage development environments efficiently. This also helps to concentrate on coding instead of putting infrastructures in place. The above listed DevOps tools aid in simplifying the complex process of coordinating and integrating the functions of two teams. Today many open source DevOps tools are now available in the market in order to assist DevOps professionals in the continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of products. Other DevOps tools like Vagrant, Puppet, and Docker are used for continuous deployment. Vagrant environments made easy with features that include:

  • Managing multiple workspaces in your browser
  • Puppet Forge Integration for 2.8k+ modules
  • Provider support for Virtual Box and Docker
  • Provisioning with Puppet and Shell Scripts
  • Share infrastructure as code

Why Choose CAT Technology Inc?

Our DevOps at CAT Technology Inc leverages collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps as a service offering, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications through the automated end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across the various leading cloud platforms.

With our DevOps consulting, we are here to help large enterprises as well as startups to align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues

Advantages of our DevOps services:

  • DevOps ensures the faster release of applications into production.
  • Once manual processes are removed with automated processes, IT resource can be optimized.
  • By using DevOps approach teams will work in collaboration using templates.
  • DevOps reduces the time of products to reach markets.
  • DevOps approach will reduce the chances of teams working in silos.
  • Increased communication, collaboration, automated process, and templates will foster quality and innovation with fewer outages.
  • Agile approaches like continuous integration, continuous operations, increased collaborations, and enhanced communications will lead to continuous improvement.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Increased re-usability will result in cost reduction.


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