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Powerful Organizations are driven by Powerful People – Powerful People driven by Powerful Visions – Visions are enabled by Powerful Systems – Welcome to Focus

Enabling You

The robust nature of the solution allows Focus 8 to adapt to your organization’s size and depth and grow user roles and profiles to suit the organizational hierarchy and structure.

  • Modular structure lets you decide the ERP rollout strategy
  • Unlimited* masters, tags & workflows let you define & evolve your company’s SOPs
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) lets you expand your operational unification across your organization

Focus 8 – It grows with you!

Focus 8’s revolutionary new system architecture brings the power of the ERP to your “pocket”. Focus 8 apps bring real-time dashboards, reports, business intelligence, and various functions of the ERP system to you, wherever you are.

  • Real-time system design gives you up-to-the-minute accurate information for effective and powerful decision making wherever you are
  • Role specific systems access allows you to define the functionality extended to mobile devices be it for field resources, sales teams or decision makers

Focus 8 – Surfing clouds to go where you go!

No matter how disciplined your organization or how robust our system, hierarchical approvals and crisis escalations are essential for effective business performance.

  • Define unlimited* approval trees and hierarchies
  • Define unlimited* workflows for all business processes
  • Induct new users at optimum productivity instantly
  • Drive productivity through robust systems governance

Focus 8 – Enhancing ROIs for you!

With all the complexities of business surrounding you, and systems that you need to adhere to, the least we can do is provide an easy to use, intuitive system which is a breeze to operate. Focus 8 will make you feel at home within minutes.

  • Interactive home screen for ease of data entry
  • Consistent UI design across modules
  • Intuitive channeling of data through workflows
  • User specific multiple dashboards
  • User specific report libraries

Focus 8 – Simplified for you!

Be it trading, manufacturing, warehousing & logistics, services, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, academia, or virtually any business environment, we bring our expertise to serve you.

  • Generic core ERP system applicable for virtually any industry
  • Vertical specific expansions available for a variety of industries
  • Easy and efficient integration across modules and vertical specific systems
  • Fully comprehensive end-to-end system

Focus 8 – Adapting to suit you specific needs!

Organizational evolution demands Standard Operating Procedures, well defined workflows, authorizations, and escalation processes, and intuitive & transparent business intelligence. The system deployed to achieve these goals, further needs to be “simple” and “easy to use” with a penchant for scalability. These SOPs and traits exist in most organizations, at least theoretically, but the execution and adherence to these exacting standards still remain elusive.

Focus 8 shines out as a beacon of hope, meeting and far exceeding these expectations and establishing itself as an industry benchmark.

Focus 8 is simplicity in itself. The very nature of its revolutionary design makes it a breeze for you to achieve these capabilities. All we do is Enable You!

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