Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT – The technology never fails to bring us exciting development technologies and always promise to make our life’s better than ever. With the explosion of latest technological creativity and innovations, there is a gradual increase in the bold projects that are being undertaken in all corners of the Earth starring from wireless power, 3D printing, gasification, autonomous vehicles and automatic content recognition to mobile robots.

The Internet of Things (IoT) –  a scenario in which everything – device, human, network etc. It has a unique identifier and the ability to communicate over the Internet. The idea is to create a situation where we don’t have to control each piece of equipment separately, but instead have a top level control over a complex chain of integrated events, over an ‘army’ of interconnected devices that can communicate with each other as well as with us. It combines several trends including cloud computing, the growth of connected devices, Big Data, the increasing use of video, and the increasing importance of mobile apps compared to traditional computing applications.

Internet of Things at CAT technology Inc will transform your business requirements in to competitor differentiators with innovative solutions. We are expertise in offering the services with improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit in order to reduce human intervention with the help of sensed or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems.  Our following comprehensive IoT service serving to our clients will help their business to grow globally.

  • Analyze new data easily
  • Integrating and transforming your business process
  • Enhanced decision making through Artificial intelligence
  • We design, develop, create, deploy and maintain end to end services
  • Scope and associate with efficiency

How our Internet of Things (IoT) advantageous in all prospects?

IoT Systems:

The Internet of Things extends internet connectivity beyond traditional devices like desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets to a diverse range of devices and everyday .

IoT Applications:

Having different application development across various industries, IoT maintains its  unique flexibility and ability to be suitable in any environment.

IoT is everywhere, but there are certainly a few verticals where it’s more prevalent. Sharing data for maintenance and operational purposes make industrial equipment a lot more responsive and useful and create a much safer working environment, as well.

IoT Security:

With the endeavour concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the Internet of things (IoT) security has also became the prime factor. The major issues compromised IoT device can, in some cases, offer a way onto a company’s network for a malicious actor.

IoT Interoperability:

The full benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) are only realized when large enough numbers of devices are able to interact with each other – and therein lies a big problem. Many of the top MNC companies are looking to bring the technology for users as possible into their respective ecosystems, motivation to make sure IoT systems and devices from different companies all work with each other is sometimes lacking.

IoT Platforms:

One device connects to another to transmit information using Internet transfer protocols. It serves as the bridge between the device sensors and the data networks to prove its efficiency.

The following are some of the top IoT platforms on the market today:
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Thing Worx  IoT Platform
  • IBM’s Watson
  • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
  • SalesForce IoT Cloud
  • Oracle Integrated Cloud
  • GE Predix

Opportunities offered by Internet of Things across various domains, are:

  • New trade opportunities and revenue streams
    This Technology ensures connected operations associated. E.g. consider the 3D printing vertical. These are personalizing and mass customizing every possible aspect of the business.
  • New trade models
    This helps to enable the manufacturing businesses equipment in order to employ the service-oriented business models.
  • New business structures
    In most of the conventional industries, consumers have typically opted for one single vendor to get a full end-to-end solution that uses closed, proprietary technologies. But, today, the IoT offers the features like flexibility, cost effectiveness, and lesser time-to-market. And, these benefits are driving a tremendous shift towards business models based on open technology. Consequently, every participant offers the best capabilities to enable a complete IoT solution for their potential consumers.
  • New value propositions for consumers
    The Internet of Thing is assisting companies to offer new over-relevant experiences to their customers. They are providing much quicker and more precise solutions than ever before. Consider the ever-rising numbers of holiday gift orders placed over online shopping just on an event like “Black Monday.” The IoT is increasing the pace of the whole fulfilment process, right from placing an order to making the delivery.

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