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CATT Inc is specialized in developing offshore JAVA development projects starting from the year 2000. CATT Inc’s offshore JAVA development services follow a methodology with an integrated quality process which can assure a quality deliverable to the client within the given timelines.

CATT Inc India Offshore Java development Services offers J2EE consulting, Java web application development and Integrated JAVA application development. CATT Inc Offshore Java development Services helps it’s clientele with wide range of Java / J2EE skill sets for software development, business website development and mobile device application services.

Apart from their experience in Java, Java Script, J2SE, JSP, and J2ME, our software engineers provide services related to J2EE, JAVA architecture and framework development, JavaMail, Applets and JavaScript. The team works with C, C++, VC++ and C-Sharp (C#) as well. Web application maintenance, life cycle testing for web based application and client server products, Java CORBA and Java XML are a few of the other services successfully provided by us.
Java Development has emerged as a leading development platform due to its advanced security and simple development procedures. Companies are interested in deploying Java to meet changing business needs as it reduces time and costs. Moreover, the ability of J2EE programs to bridge with other languages like CORBA, JNI, or the JCA has propelled the need for Java development. The platform-independent feature of Java has made it a crucial part of the World Wide Web.

J2EE Development Services

CATT Inc J2EE development service process can help the client in minimizing the project risk by following a strategy and implementation plan to deliver the product with proven results)

Offshore Java Programming – Java Web Development Services :

CATT Inc’s Offshore Java Programming methodologies and web development services enables applications with high security, robustness and performance multiple platforms in distributed networks environment. Apart, We provide a range of offshore Java development services including Project Solutions, Web Application and Consulting. Our Java development services consist of full range of offshore Java development services from structural design to execution and support of J2EE client-server systems, individual applications, libraries and design of tools .Our wide-ranging offshore Java development experience assures controlled and minimized risk with an ease in the successful development of the Java applications.

CATT Inc Java development team comprises of well-qualified software engineers with experience in Java, Java Script, J2SE, JSP, and J2ME. Our J2EE Team provides services concerning JAVA architecture and framework development. The team also provides services related to JavaMail and Applets. Since our inception, we have established ourselves as one of the leading developers of web based application for both server and client side. We provide a variety of services including project solution, software development and consulting.

Our team of Java Programmers are expertise in Java application development and has developed Java-based solutions for in different domain areas related to industries Viz.,: Insurance, Retail, Finance, HealthCare, etc. The teams are skilled in designing scalable, customizable and manageable frameworks for different application areas Viz., Transaction Processing, Content Management Systems, Web Portals, Security, Database application Management ,Web services, etc.

By Outsourcing projects on Java development to CATT Inc, Client is assured of reduced development costs without comprising on Quality deliverables. Project Outsourcing on java development to CATT Inc can transform traditional business operations into supercharged value-creating better solutions for customers and greater returns for clients.

At CATT Inc, we constantly update our service offerings, pricing and methodology to suit the needs of our clients. In the software development planning stage, we analyze several alternatives and choose the one that provides the best results.

The client’s needs and requirements are taken well into consideration and we strive to produce the best result that is feasible within the bounds of whole project and its lifetime.

CATT Inc offers proficient Solutions on Various Services Including:

  • Web Application Development in Java.
  • Systems Programming in C, C++, VC++, C-Sharp (C#) and Java.
  • Web Hosting services in JSP and Servlets.
  • Web application maintenance like bug fixing and adding new features.
  • Life cycle testing for web based application and client server products.
  • J2EE Design Patterns.
  • Design and development of application on J2EE compliant framework.
  • Projects related to Java CORBA and Java XML.

Equipped with highly skilled workforce and immense resources, we provide clients with quality solutions and top-notch customer service. Our competitive development costs are sure to improve the productivity and profits of the clients. We ensure that all the clients get the best services irrespective of their business status or background.

CATT Inc boasts of sophisticated infrastructure and experienced workforce. Our success is the result of the quality of the service we provide and our absolute commitment to client satisfaction.
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