Dot Net Nuke Development

CATT Inc. is the leading provider of DotNetNuke Solutions. Our DotNetNuke development core competencies include the planning, development, and implementation of DotNetNuke modules, portals, skins, and support. You can rely on CATT Inc. for professional DotNetNuke Development.

We can build you a custom DotNetNuke module just for your website. Our developers have the skills to build any business logic into your custom DNN module.

Our DotNetNuke Module Development services include:

  • Custom web application development.
  • Business logic and data integration.
  • Data management and storage.
  • Data security.
  • Business process integration.
  • 3rd party application integration.
  • Extensive QA testing.
  • Production deployment.
  • Staff training and user documentation.
  • Professional DotNetNuke support.

DotNetNuke is a feature complete corporate portal solution upon which you can build next-generation Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Employee (B2E) solutions. CATT Inc. can also create custom DotNetNuke modules and skins for your business.

For B2C solutions, DotNetNuke increases user stickiness by providing:

  • A content management system for easy release of new information.
  • A wide array of applications, and services.
  • Relevant and personalized information.

For B2E portals, DotNetNuke increases employee efficiency by providing:

  • A single point of access to corporate information and services.
  • The ability to personalize and synthesize information.
  • Relevant reports, analysis, and queries.
  • A secure and private system with the ability to authenticate with Active Directory.
  • A document management system.
  • Collaboration.
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